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This website archives pictures and past information that have appeared in the Jerrems Journal. Each page may include supplemental information.

Historical Perspective: The Jerrems Journal was founded in 1955 when I received a mimeograph machine for Christmas. (My father worked for the Bradenton Herald-Florida, so there was some journalism in our family.) As editor-in-chief, I published several editions and circulated it to all the Jerrems I knew at the time (immediate family and aunt).

Now the Jerrems Journal is in a new form with world-wide circulation across the Internet; it's an e-zine.

Donald Jerrems
Huntersville, North Carolina

Jerrems Journal Staff:

Ray Jerrems
Family Genealogist and Historian, Internet Searcher, Humorist Writer, Proof Reader, and more.
Sydney, Australia

Contributions from other Jerrems folks will continue to be accepted.

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