March 2006
Edition 11
Jerrems Family Newsletter
Going East to Get to the West
  Dear Donald,
Ray traces The Jerrems Saga westward from Gainsborough to Australia. Ray's extensive research is a worthwhile read. Enjoy.

We also feature a travellogue by Didier Begat, our French-born Philosopher, Adventurer, Golfer, who is married to the editor's beautiful and brilliant sister, Susan.

LATE BREAKING NEWS from Lance Jerrems

The documentary to be screened on the ABC this coming Sunday, April 2, 2006 is about the working life of my younger sister Carol (passed away in 1980), who’s photographic art work is well known to many.

Editor's Note: American TV viewers watch for it at a different time. Let me know in advance, if you see scheduled.

Setting the Situation in the Present
Ray Jerrems   Before The Journey to the Past

This document is intended to set out where we have reached in research on the people with the surname Jerrems in Australia. I have included details of earlier generations in England for general interest.

The result is a rather detailed and technical document which does not make easy reading but records virtually all the genealogical research I (and others) have carried out. I have also drafted other documents, of an historical nature, picking up on different aspects of interest regarding the Jerrems families.

I have not searched all female lines (i.e. Jerrems daughters who have married), mainly because of my lack of expertise rather than lack of interest.

This has been my first project so there has been a big learning curve.


In Australia I am deeply indebted to Noel and Laurel Burns, who carried out the research on the English forbears through to their migration to Australia (with some embellishments from me) for their niece, who is a Jerrems.


Internet searches for the term “Jerrems” have been carried out on the search engines Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, Yahoo, Clusta and Teoma. Genealogical searches have been carried out using State Births, Deaths and Marriages records and some of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) databases, including the International Genealogical Index (the IGI) and the LDS World Family Tree (WFT) collection (these Trees are lodged by private genealogists).


Abbreviations used are: b (born), c (short for circa, meaning approximately), d (died), div (divorced), m (married), nee (birth surname). I have used the UK and Australian method of setting out dates, setting out the day, then month (the reverse is used in the US).

Jerrems Family in Lincolnshire, England, 1700s and 1800s
Ray Jerrems   Setting the Scene Before the Migration Angir from State Library of Tasmania
William Jerom bc 1752 probably in Willingham-by- Stowe, m Cecelia (Ciss) Futtit there on 29 July 1750 (parents of both people not known). William was buried there 27/12/1796, Cecelia buried there 18/10/1798. Children born there: William bc 1752, Alice b1754, Ann b 1757, Mary bc 1764 (all christened with surname Jerrems).

Mary m Mark Chapman on 21/9/1784.

Note that it is not clear whether the changeover from Jerom to Jerrems was a reversion to a previous name of Jerrems or adoption of a new surname. Family stories favour the former.

William Jerrems m Mary (surname not known) c1778, location not known. Children Jane b1778, Mary b&d1779, Robert b1780, William b1782, John b1784 (m 12/5/1832), Charles b1786, Mary b1793 (all at Willingham-by- Stowe).

William (b1782) m Elizabeth Clarke (b1781 at Newball/Newbold, parents Thomas and Ann Clarke) on 24/1/1805 at Stainton-by-Langworth. Children (all born at Gainsborough): Ann b1806 (Chr 10/4/1806, m William Gutteridge on 26/8/1830, son Robert b 1832, son William Jerrems Gutteridge b 1833), William b&d 1808, Elizabeth b1810 d1899 San Remo V (m William Small on 21/3/1833 at Gainsborough), Mary(1) b1812 d1814, William Clarke b&d1813. John(1) b&d1814, Thomas Clarke b1815 (see below), Ecclesiastes b1816, John(2) b1819, Chr 25/8/1820, d1867, Mary(2) b1821 Chr 13/6/1821, William b1823 (m Jane, 2 children, lived at 3 Jerrems St Gainsborough in 1851 England Census), Robert b1824 (m Elizabeth, 4 children in 1851 Census).

Editor's Note: We will include a continuation of the tree including the offspring of William & Elizabeth in a future edition.

Thomas Clarke b1815 d1866 Richmond, Victoria, Australia, m Elizabeth Jepson (b1816 Gainsborough, d1902 Richmond Vic, parents George (a Surgeon, Ray has a portrait of him) and Sarah Ann Jepson) c1836 at Gainsborough, lived at “Mandarin House”, 36 Silver St Gainsborough in 1851, occupation Grocer employing one man (1851 Census).

Thomas migrated ahead of his family to Melbourne, Australia in the “Salem” (departed Liverpool on 6/12/1853) with his son of same name. He did not stay long in Melbourne because in April 1854 he went to Hobart Town in the ship “Tasmania” (similar to image above), presumably to look at the prospects for settling there. He must have decided that the prospects were better in Melbourne because in the 1856 Electoral Roll he was listed as a merchant with premises in a major Melbourne street, Little Bourke St.

Their children (detailed in a future JJ edition)were all born in Gainsborough and most of them came to Australia with their mother aboard the “Lincolnshire” (departed London on 2/9/1859, arr. Melbourne 21/12/1859). They are set out in detail because of their significance for further research in England, Australia and the US.

Don's Note: We are going to take a mid-century break. But the saga will continue in a future edition. Stay tuned to this serial saga.

Didier Begat - The Truly Roving Reporter
Didier Begat, Adventurer   Epic Trip to the Agadez (Composite Image in Header)
I went with 11 French "friends" to Agadez in Northern Niger (The Air mountains and the Tenere desert) from 12/31st to 01-14 to discover the Touaregs way of living (nomads).

It took us three days of 4x4 trucking to reach in the north, Temet, the starting point of our 6 days walk (about 7 hours of walking a day) in the Tenere desert supported by a caravan of 14 camels (see pictures). We then met our 4x4 truck at our arrival point then were taken by our 3 drivers back to Agadez with stops long the way in Timia (an oasis) and Assode (former capital).

Overall, it was a challenging trip, hard on the body (we slept under the stars the all time). The food, which was prepared by an "embarked " cook, but it could have qualified for a weight watcher program!! Not counting the fact that some of us (including myself) were hit by some bugs found in the water (or elsewhere) causing some gastro-intestinal problems...

Demanding, but rewarding trip with: beautiful colors and breathtaking scenery, exceptional skies at night and sunlight during the day. Hard to describe the feeling of being in the desert with no other living soul within tens of miles.

Editors Note: Be sure to click on the link below for beautiful film strip. Fantastic.
Images of the Trip - Click on Niger Overview
Donald Jerrems   The Heading says it All
Reminder: The April issue is the Humor Issue. We will accept family stories that are repeatable and printable. Got an old family picture...we take them too.

Classified Ad: Help Wanted - European Correspondent for the Jerrems Journal

This part-time position will cover the European continent for the JJ.

Requisite Skillsets:
=== Ability to write with charm, wit, humor, and reflection.
=== Bi-Lingual French speaking a plus.

Duties call for:
=== Submitting occasional articles.
=== Research into European Jerrems ancestry in conjunction with chief family genealogist, Ray in Australia.

=== Based - in France preferably in the vicinity of Paris.
=== Salary - Pro bono.
=== Expense Account - None.

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