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Edition 24 April/2007
Boston Frogs Dancing 
Pictured is a trun of the century Jerrems Family business card that Ray found on EBay; it is called Boston Frogs Dancing.
We continue to get family inquiries and responses to our world wide journal.

Another Branch on the Jerrems Tree
Letter to the Editor
by Donald Jerrems, Editor

I'd like to subscribe to your Jerrems Journal. I've been reading your past issues and found my part of aunt and mom listed in your Sept. 2006 issue. My mom is Ginny Skowlund, youngest daughter of Marjorie Byford Jerrems. Marjorie had 3 daughters - Hellen Wright, Jean Wright, and Virginia Wright. Both of my aunts (Hellen and Jean) are deceased. My mom is still living in Cherokee Village, AR.

Thanks for such an informative newsletter and website.

Georgia (Skowlund) Stewart
Elkhorn, Wisconsin


Editor: Here is the reference that Georgia found on the Internet:

Helen Elizabeth (Betty) (daughter of Marjorie). Born 1919 Ohio d2004 Cherokee Village. Married (1)Rizzo and (2) Martin Meisenheimer (dec'd). Children Nancy Byford Rizzo (m James Maguire, dau Remmy) and Richard Jerrems Rizzo. Source-obituary. Virginia (Ginny) (daughter of Marjorie). Born c1923, mDavid Skowlund.

Ray's Note: Georgia is a great granddaughter of William George Jerrems ll and Genevieve Byford (If you remember, Genevieve is probably the first Jerrems booked for speeding at 21 MPH in Glencoe Illinois. Jerrems Journal #1 June 2005).
Resolving "Remembering Us"
The Clothing was the Clue
Donald Jerrems, Editor 
 Remember the "Remember Us" family photo sent last month with what appeared to be a undated wedding picture. Initial estimates dated it around 1930. Laurel and Lauren Gray (second cousin to Ray) were unable to recall the event. One of our sharp-eyed readers suggested that the womens' clothing was from an earlier generation.

Here is Laurel Gray's response:

Yes, I agree that the photo is around 1900, the suggestion is now that it is of a family christening as the baby seems to be the centre of the picture?

Laurel Gray

Another Family Connection - in the UK this Time
What Ray found on the Internet
by Ray Jerrems 
Dear Cousin Donald

Here is an article published in a UK newspaper, the Northampton Chronicle, in 2004. I found it by using Alta Vista, a search engine I have not used for several years.  It has most of the material I find on Google but it has a few additional items.  Readers should note that we already have another Eva Jerrems in our records, she is Chick's aunt.

My search for current Jerrems families in the UK has concentrated on the Gainsborough area (in Lincolnshire), but I have suspected for some time that there may still be Jerrems families living elsewhere in the UK. Previous internet searches have drawn a blank, which is quite amazing when one takes into account that I get almost 700 items for Australia and the US.

I have contacted the newspaper to find out Eva and Yvette's addresses but they have not kept them, but I have been given a suggestion as to how to find the addresses.

Cousin Ray  

Reunited after 35 years apart
Last Updated: 24 September 2004

"When I finally did meet her I couldn't believe it. " Quote By : Yvette Surridge

BEING reunited with her mother after 35 years has been a dream come true for a Northampton woman. Yvette Surridge, aged 37, was separated from her parents when she was just two years old and never saw her mother again.

She was taken into care along with her three sisters Marion, Maria, Liz and brother Martin, from their family home in Slough. The five children were brought up in a children's home in Northampton before being  split up 10 years later.

"I don't remember anything about it. When I was growing up in the nunnery I was told that my parents were killed in a car crash.

"When I finally did meet her I couldn't believe it. I had butterflies in my stomach. I still feel like I'm dreaming. But it was like we had known each other all our lives."

Mrs Surridge was brought up in a caravan on a farm by her parents Eva Jerrems and Frederick Bullen. When her father suddenly left one day, her mother was unable to cope and the children were taken into care.

"I understand that times were hard and we were living in poverty. I am not going to start asking her questions now like why we were taken into care."

For years Mrs Surridge put her parents to the back of her mind but when she received her birth certificate she went in search of her long-lost family.
Five years ago she went to the farm where she was born but was unable to trace her mother.

Then her sister Marion began tracing the family tree on the internet and tracked down their mother.

In August this year, Mrs Surridge received a letter from her estranged sister Liz telling her Marion had found their mother. "I couldn't believe it. I thought I would never find her, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack."

As a birthday present Mrs Surridge's husband Alan took her to meet her 76-year-old mother in Rickmansworth. "She threw her arms around me and said 'I am so glad I found you. I thought I was going to die before I found you'."

Mrs Surridge discovered that her father, a former Canadian Mountie, had died of pneumonia in 1983.

She is slowly trying to piece together her family history and has already met a half sister she never knew existed, for the first time.

But most of all Mrs Surridge is ecstatic to have found her mother. "I just want to tell the whole world that I have found her because it is brilliant."

 Remembering After 50 Years
Seems like Yesterday
  On April 4th Laurel and Laurie Gray celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in a Beautiful Seaside Town south of Sydney, NSW with their many children, grand children and more.

Pictured from that blessed event in 1957.

Editor's Note: Next month second cousin Ray will include a feature story on the Gray's lives as missionaries in Papua New Guina.
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