May 2009 - 50th Edition Jerrems Family Newsletter
Celebrating while Reminicing
Dear Donald,
To mark the 50th edition of the Jerrems Journal our editorial team has reviewed the articles in the previous editions and has placed the more notable articles into the following "Best of" categories.

Congratulations to the readers who wrote the articles or supplied the information for the articles, the winners will receive a prize: Everlasting Legacy in the Jerrems lore.

Pictured above: The Beginning St. Helen's Church in Willingham-by-Stow near the city of Gainsborough place of marriage of William Jerom to Cecelia (Cis) Futtit on 29th July 1750.

Their children had the quite "English" given names of William, Alice, Ann and Mary and, despite the fact that the surname of their parents was listed on their birth records as "Jerom", the children's' surname was shown as "Jerrems".

Past Articles over the First 49 Editions
Editorial Staff   We Chronical our Family from 1750 to 2009+

Sportiest articles: The McShane footballers (October 07), Warren's marathons (numerous), Annie at Ogontz School for Young Ladies (September 2008)

Biggest unsolved mysteries: Who was Jerrems Hill named after (September 2006); who was Serena Jerrems (July 2007); who is Eva Jerrems (April 2007); who was Jerrems C. Hart (February 2007)

Longest article: Jerrems Migration from Gainsborough to Melbourne (June to August 2007)

Most unusual subject: Plank Roads (May 2008)

Biggest breakthrough: Wappenham articles (February 2008, March 2008)

Most touching stories: Tribute to Liam (November 2006), Baghdad Bike (October 2005), Anna and the baby mice (November 08)

Most adventurous story: New Guinea experiences of Laurel and Laurie (May 2007)

Most humorous item: AAADD (Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder) (April 2006)

Most humorous series: Emails from Heaven, Letters from Angie the Guardian Angel, items about Old Rascal Ray.

Most intriguing story: Dan's Coat with a Jerrems Tailors label purchased in a Baltimore consignment shop (November 2005)

Best researched: Ari's items on the origins of the name "Jerrems" (September 2005)

  Carol Jerrems  was young, talented and ferocious. She focused her lens on Melbourne's 1970s sub-cultures in a way that no one else dared to do.


Oldest subject: David Jerrems, Nicholas Herkeimer, American Revolutionary War (June 2008)

Strongest Jerrems: James Jerrems the blacksmith (January 2006)

Most mentioned people: Carol (pictured), Warren, Jeanne/Caty, Alexander Nicholl/Nicoll the Tailor

Most hardened criminals: Helen for excise duty evasion (August 2008), Genevieve for speeding (June 2005)
  Leonore's painting  "Still Life with Rooster Figure"

Most colourful: Leonore's paintings "Still Life with Melon" and "Still Life with Rooster Figure" (January 2007), Leonore's shawl (July 2008) pictured, Nicoll the Tailor card with Geisha Girl, Pictured below. (October 2006)

Biggest beard: Alexander Nicholl (October 2006, March 2009)

Most ghostly appearances: Old Rascal Ray at Nicole Kidman's wedding (September 2006) and at G8 Conference in Tokyo (August 2008), and Obama's Inaguration (April 2009)

Most risqué: Famous photograph by Carol, "Girl in a Mirror" (August 2005)

Most puzzling: Wedding /christening photo provided by Laurel (February 2007)

Most evocative: Liam (December 2006), gravestones of Jane and Mary in Willingham cemetery (June 2006), Sandra and gravestones in Utica cemetery (August 2008), Alexander Nicholl and his grandchildren Annie and Donald (December 2008 and January 2009)

Most glamorous female: Sandra's great aunt Sarah wearing a boa (November 2008)

Most debonaire males: Mark Healy ll with Auburn Speedster (December 2006 and October 2008), Vincent Healy ll in US Air Force uniform (October 2008)

Most novel: Dancing elves (December 2007, December 2008)

Best animal photos: Jenny's cloned cat (April 2006), Sue holding bald eagle (June 2007), Nicoll the Tailor trade card showing girl with cat and puppies (March 2009)

Worst taste: Nicoll the Tailor trade cards (Negro Series) (October 2006, February 2007)

Most talented ballet dancer: Jacqueline Jerrems (January 2007)

Best travelogue: Roving Reporter Sue's trip from Las Vegas to the Olde Country. (June 2006)

Most famous musical instruments maker: Musical firm of Lyon & Healy founded by Mark Healy, the first. (November 2006)

Most modern musicians: Cicada with Nick Jerrems (August 2007)
Email from Heaven for 50th Edition
From Big Bill to Donald  
Well, here it is, my email to help you earthlings celebrate the 50th issue of the Jerrems Journal. Seriously, this is a great event, and everyone up here sends their best wishes.

Looking back through the previous 49 editions I am reminded of the Forsyte Saga. So many generations and so many things happening.

Knowing that the next edition of the JJ is the fiftieth edition has made me think about the significance of the number "50". For married couples their 50th wedding anniversary is their "golden wedding anniversary". Does this make this the Jerrems Journal's golden anniversary?

I have asked some of my Jerrems descendants up here what the significance has been for them. My daughter-in-law Elizabeth says that when she and the children migrated to Melbourne in 1859 the ship spent many days in wild seas in the 50 degree latitudes. She does not have happy memories of the number 50. For my great grandson Alexander Nicholl Jerrems, who played gridiron and baseball for Yale University in the 1890s, the significance was the record number of home runs which had been recorded by a player in a year. Until Babe Ruth came on the scene (and eventually hit 60 home runs in 1927) the magic target for a baseballer was 50 home runs.

Regarding my Australian descendants, which includes my great grandson Harry Jerrems who in the 1920s played first grade cricket for Richmond in Melbourne, the significance is that 50 runs are a half century of runs. Although the scoring of 50 runs is far less significant than a century, it is still noteworthy and is celebrated.

For those of my Australian offspring who were swimming enthusiasts (particularly my great grandson Alf who won a medal in the Australian Swimming Championships), the significance for them is that a standard swimming pool was 50 yards long. Alf specialised in racing 100 yards.

So the number 50 had historical significance for the Jerrems families of yesteryear. In my case I like to have a good sleep every night, preferably 50 winks rather than 40 winks.

I have been mulling over what else to say to you. You see, there are some good old "conversation starters" used on Earth which are irrelevant up here. Take the weather for example. How often have you people started conversations with comments about the weather? Thousands of times, I wager. But the weather up here is always the same, so we do not bother talking about it to each other.

Speaking of the weather reminds me of the great photo of Alexander Nicholl and the children in the January edition of the Jerrems Journal. We had quite a chuckle about how Alexander was all togged out for London's weather in his best "Nicoll the Tailor"suit. Looked like a real overdressed toff, he did. Up here we have been wearing shorts and open-necked shirts for so long I had forgotten what the old suits looked like. He still sports the same old beard, so he is my main rival for being Santa Claus for our Xmas Party. The photo also reminds me of how much we like to rib each other up here about how we looked when we were babies or children. I love to remind my great grandson Donald (your grandfather) of how angelic he looks in the photo in his frilly white shirt, breeches and black stockings.

My wife Elizabeth has just reminded me that one of her favourite topics of conversation with her friends is about scone recipes, except that nowadays she has tried all the recipes her friends have collected. This is understandable because she has been cooking them for just over 200 years. So she says it would be great if your readers could send her their favourite recipes. There is no hurry, we will be here for a while more. I love to have my scones served warm with strawberry jam and lashings of fresh whipped cream. This reminds me that I a have seen a lot of recent publicity from Earth saying that obesity can kill you. This does not worry me unduly because I am already dead. In any case being 18 stone on Earth never did me any harm.

Being of robust build actually had big advantages when I lived in Gainsborough in the 1800s. Big people have big voices, a great help when (like me) you are the Chief Constable of Gainsborough and you want to break up an unruly mob of the local lads. One bellow of "STOP" from me and you could hear a pin drop.

I think my voice has matured with age (I am 227). I class myself as a baritone but my wife is not convinced.

Better go, Elizabeth has made a pavlova for my afternoon tea. I need to eat a lot to keep up my strength.

PS: My grandparents , William Jerom and Cecelia Futtit were married in the church pictured above.
Donald Jerrems, Publisher   Who we are and Where we are. Nicoll the Tailor card with Geisha Girl,

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